How To Upgrade Your Driver CPC

Reasons to upgrade to HGV driving

Are the New Year blues catching up with you? Are you ready to back to work, or feel a little unsatisfied and unhappy with your current job? Should this be the case, now is the best time to think of a career change. Why not go the opposite way and venture into HGV driving and get your HGV training. This industry allows you to step out of the monotonous 9 to 5 job and lead a different lifestyle. HGV driving allows you to travel around the country and beyond borders, enjoy the time of your life, and even get to see breath-taking sights as you tour along. As an added benefit, you get to work with minimal supervision and no hawk-eyed boss on your back. Outlined below are several other reasons to consider HGV driving as your next career of choice. A driver's CPC license allows you to drive various HGVs professionally. This is the most basic type of license for HGV driving. It, however, enables you to work your way to get the full license, hence be able to drive almost every HGV on the market today. Most people choose to work their way up by taking a test in each stage until the desired level. Outlined below are some of the ways and steps to take to become a fully licensed HGV driver.

Cat C1

This category is at the same levels as professional van drivers with the smallest haulage vehicle on the road. Thus, you can legally drive vehicles of between 3500kg and 7500kg (with or without trailer), e.g., lightweight trailers and horseboxes of up to 750kg, with a Cat C1 license. You, however, need to take both a theory and practical exam to get this type of license. It would thus be advisable to keep practicing and read up if you are to pass the Cat C1 test.

Cat C1 + E

With the Cat C1 in hand, you can register again to get the Cat C1 + E license. With the first part already covered, the +E part expands the territory of vehicles you will be allowed to drive. This category allows you to drive any vehicle of between 3500kg and 7500kg hauling a trailer of not more than 750kg. As expected, you will be required to sit for and pass both a theory and practical exam to get the upgraded license.

Cat C

The Cat C license allows one to drive vehicles weighing more than 3500kg, hauling a trailer of up to 750kg. You need to have at least the standard Cat B or Cat C1 or Cat C1 +E driver's license to upgrade to the Cat C license. The license can only be approved after you have passed both a theory and practical test of the same. Reading up on the previous categories and enough practice should, however, help you pass the tests.

Cat C + E

This is the topmost type of license you can get. The Cat C + E enables you to drive almost any vehicle type on the road and the most coveted category for HGV driving jobs. This license allows you to pick any HGV driving job in the industry while demanding a higher wage range. With the Cat C + E driver's license, you will be able to drive category C vehicles with trailers of over 750kg. To upgrade to this license, you will need all the required 'base' licenses, driver training and pass both the theory and practical test.