Ready To Upgrade Your Driver CPC?
If the new year blues are already getting you down since you're back to work, it just might be time to switch careers. So, instead of hopping around in your current industry, why not look for something different? If you become an HGV driver or do HGV training, you'll be able to finally be free from the typical 9-5 and you'll be able to enjoy a different lifestyle. If you decide to become an HGV driver, you'll be able to travel around the entire country and there's also a good chance that you'll be able to even go overseas and enjoy everything that's offered. All of this and more can be yours and the best part is that your boss won't be breathing down on you every minute of every day. If you're still not convinced, then read on as we dive into some of the rewards that are waiting in your new HGV career. Being an HGV driver has its own perks and the world around you becomes your oyster. As long as you're the holder of a CPC drivers’ licence, you'll be able to use it to your advantage as you drive a range of HGVs. However, it should be noted that CPC is on a rather basic licence and once you've covered the groundwork, you'll be able to easily attain the full one. Most drivers do this in stages. The following are some of the most important steps that can lead you to have an HGV career:

Cat C1

This licence category is focused on some of the smaller vehicles and most van drivers tend to have this one. The C1 allows you to drive vehicles between 3500kg - 7500kg. These can be driven with or without the trailer. Some of these vehicles include the trailers and horseboxes. However, to get this one, there are some theory and practical examinations involved. If you start reading up on it from now, you'll be able to ace those exams with no worries!

Cat C1+E

After you've passed the exams and the Cat C1 is yours, you'll be eligible to upgrade it to the Cat C1+E. Since the first section is covered, the second gives training in different vehicles that you'll be able to drive. These include those that weight between 3500kg and 7500kg with attached trailers that are 750kg. Just like the other, you'll also need to pass both theory and practical’s.

Cat C

To obtain a Cat C, you'll need to either upgrade from the Cat C1+E or the Cat C1. In addition, you can even upgrade from your regular Cat B licence. If you're the holder of a Cat C you'll be able to drive vehicles over 3500 kg with an attached trailer of 750kg. You'll also be required, to undergo both theory and practical exams.

Cat C + E

Cat C + E is the highest in the HGV category and allows you to easily access a wider range of vehicles. The best part of this is that you'll be able to select special driving jobs since you have the qualifications to drive just about anything. Due to this, that's why most drivers chose to upgrade their licence and expand their job opportunities. With more job opportunities means that you'll also be able to get a higher salary. Cat C+E allows you to drive category C vehicles that have trailers over 750kg. So, to prepare for this one, you'll need to have the relevant base licence to take the practical and theoretical exam.