Are You Ready To Upgrade Your Driver CPC?
Have you started getting depressed from all of the excitements the holidays bring? Going back to work can be tedious and stressful after a break. You might even feel unfulfilled or unhappy with your job. If so, it might be time to switch careers. While you could go ahead and hop around your industry, there is a better way. If you are looking for something completely different, it may be time to embrace becoming an HGV driver. They are constantly in demand and it can offer you a very different lifestyle. It helps you step out of the traditional 9 to 5 and allows you to travel around the country or even outside of it without having a boss constantly breathing down your neck. If you remain unconvinced its the right opportunity for you, here are some of the top reasons why you may want to consider changing careers to an HGV driver. The world is your oyster when you become an HGV driver. As soon as you have acquired your Driver CPC license, you will be able to use it to drive all kinds of different HGVs for your profession. The CPC is a basic type of license and as soon as you have received it, you end up having to work up to a full license in various ways. A lot of drivers end up choosing to do this in various stages while taking a test to pass each stage as well as HGV training and work up to the level that you are looking to attain. Here are some of the most likely paths you are likely to take and what they can mean for your HGV career.

Cat C1

This is the category for your license that is meant for the smaller vehicles. This is typically what you will have if you are a professional van driver. This license will give you the ability to legally drive vehicles that sit between 3,500kg and 7,500kg in net weight. This includes with or without a trailer. Along with this, it includes various things including trailers and horseboxes. In order to acquire this type of license, you will need to take and pass a theory and practical exam on the different types of vehicles you will be driving.

Cat C1+E

As soon as you have managed to get your C1 license, you will be able to upgrade again. The very first part of this one is the same stuff that is covered in your C1 exam. However, the second part goes much more into the various types of vehicles you will be eligible to drive. For this one, you would be able to expand your range of vehicles from the vehicles that weigh between 3,500kg and 7,500kg with a trailer that weighs over 750kg. Like the C1, you will have to pass a test on theory and one that is practical. Therefore, you should be familiar with both of these things by now.

Cat C

If you are opting for a Cat C license, you will either be looking to upgrade from your previous license or you can go straight for it from a standard Cat B license. This is the license that will enable you to drive vehicles that are over 3,5000kg with a trailer that reaches 750k. Keep in mind, getting this license requires you to pass a practical and theory exam.

Cat C+E

This is the highest level of license you can achieve. This one will give you the widest range of vehicles that you can drive. You will also be able to pick and choose the HGV jobs you want. After all, you will be the highest and most qualified driver. Because of this, a lot of drivers end up using this as their end-goal for licenses because it won't limit you in opportunities. You will typically get paid a much higher wage by choosing this one. The Cat C+E license will give you the ability to drive not only cat C vehicles with over 750kg trailers but also more. In order to get ready for this exam, you will need to have the proper base license, do the various drive training, and take and pass both the theory and practical test.