Strategies to Help Yourself Feel More Comfortable at the Dentist’s Chair
  For some, the thought of going to the dentist scares them. In fact, studies show that about 20% of Americans rarely go to the dentist because they are anxious about going to the dentist while 5-8% of Americans avoid going to the dentist entirely because of the same reason. The good thing is that there are strategies that can help you overcome these fears so that you can protect your oral health. That said, here are 6 strategies to help you overcome the fear of visiting a dentist.

Look for a Dentist You Like

Choosing a dentist, you like is among the best strategies to overcome dental anxieties or phobias. This is because the dentist you choose will play a major role in how you feel during your visit to the dentist. A good dentist is understanding, willing to listen to your anxieties, and helps you find strategies to make you feel comfortable during your visit. If the dentist you chose is not living up to these standards, look for another dentist.
  • Establish Two-Way Communication with Your Dentist
  • While a dentist is responsible for helping you feel more comfortable during your visit, you can either enhance or diminish your dentist’s ability to do so depending on your willingness to communicate.
  • Keep in mind that effective communication is a two-way street.
  • Be honest with your dentist about your fears so that they can help you feel relaxed.
  • Ask your dentist to explain what they will be doing before and during the entire process. This will help you feel more in control.
Work with your dentist to create a signal that will let the dentist know that you need them to stop so that you can take a break. This will help you feel more in control and enables your dentist to know whether you are comfortable or not. Fleet Dental Centre are considerate to your dental needs and anxieties.

Remind Yourself the Fact That Dentistry Has Become Safer and Less Painful

The image of a dentist leering over their patient with a big electric drill on his or her hand is not an accurate representation of what happens in a dentist’s office. Such an image may be the stuff of your own imagination or horror movies. Advancements in dentistry have made dental procedures and treatments less painful and more comfortable. So, there is no need to fear them. For instance, although root canals are not actually painful, they have a reputation for being painful. As such, before visiting a dentist, remind yourself that it is not going to be as bad as you think it will be.

Listen to Something You Love

Listening to something you love is a good way to distract yourself during your visit to the dentist. You can choose to listen to a funny podcast, an engrossing audiobook, or your favourite music during your dental procedure. However, it is important to let your dentist know that you are listening to something during your appointment. If your gadget runs out of juice, don't worry as reciting the alphabet backwards silently or doing times tables in your head can also be a good way to distract yourself.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

Meditation, deep breathing, and acupressure are among the best ways to reduce anxiety. You can use them to help you relax in a dentist's chair. It is good to be familiar with these practices instead of trying them for the first time when you are already wired. Practice one or several of these techniques on a daily basis one week before your appointment to know how to use them when you need them at the dentist's chair.