Are You Ready To Upgrade Your Driver CPC?
Have you started getting the new year blues? Did you return to work feeling out of sorts, unhappy, or a bit unfulfilled? If so, it could be a great time for you to make a career change. However, instead of jumping around within the same industry and doing the exact same thing, why not make a complete change. And become an HGV driver? Get away from the regular 9-5 routine and live a totally new lifestyle where you can travel around the country and perhaps even overseas, enjoying yourself and seeing new sighs without having a boss constantly breathing down your neck. Do you still need some convincing? The following are some of the reasons why the best new career for you could be HGV driving and the HGV training involved to take that step. The world is truly your oyster when you are an HGV driver. After you obtain your Driver CPC licence is can be used to professionally drive a wide array of HGVs. The basic type of licence is the CPC, and after getting that here are several different ways you can work your way up to getting a full licence. Most drivers do it in stages. In each intervening stage, they take a test. After passing it work up the next level of licence they want. The following are some of the most popular steps you may want to take. Also how they can help your career advance.

Cat C1

This licence category is for driving the smallest kind of haulage vehicle out on the road. A majority of professional van drivers have this type of licence. A Cat C2 licence allows you to drive vehicles that weigh 3,500kg to 7,500kg, with or without a trailer (that can weight a maximum of 750kg). That also includes such things as trailers and horseboxes. In order to obtain this licence, you will need to pass a practical and theory exam on this kind of vehicle. So get started on reading up and getting in some practice!

Cat C1+E

After obtaining the Cat C1 licence, you have the option of upgrading to the Cat C1+E. The Cat C1 covers the first part of the licence. The second part of it expands the kinds of vehicles you are allowed to drive. The licence allows you to drive any vehicle that weighs 3,500g to 7,500kg, and a trailer that weighs more than 750kg. You will also need to pass a practical and theory exam, which by now you will be familiar with.

Cat C

You can either upgrade from a Cat C1+E or Cat C1, or directly upgrade from the Cat B driver's licence to obtain a Cat C licence. With a Cat C licence, you will be allowed to drive vehicles weighing over 3,500kg and a trailer that weighs up to 750kg. You will also need to pass a practical test and theory exam, which you may need help with.

Cat C + E

This is the highest level of licence that can be obtained. It provides you with access to the broadest possible range of vehicles. You can also choose any type of HGV driving job since you will have the maximum qualifications. That is one of the main reasons why so many drivers upgrade to the Cat C + E licence. Your job opportunities will not be limited. When you have it you will often be able to demand higher wages. With a Cat C+E licence, you can drive category vehicles and trailers weighing more than 750kg. To prepare to obtain this licence, you must have the right type of base licence, take a practical and theory test, and undergo driving training.