A Discussion on the Importance of Scaffolding

House with scaffoldingThe Need for Scaffolding in Construction

When you think about a construction site, you'd probably think about an incomplete building with numerous workers that move along a high steel frame. This is actually scaffolding and it is quite important in construction.

Scaffolding Importance

At the very start of most types of construction, scaffolding is typically installed. This is an elevated platform (available in various style such as mobile aluminium scaffold) that allows workers to easily move at various heights and complete various construction related tasks. Some of this work includes building, cleaning and repairing. This scaffolding is done before the construction begins to improve safety for all of the workers. Additionally, it even provides a little support for the structure that is being worked on. We will now look at four reasons why scaffolding is used within the construction industry.

1. Very Efficient

As mentioned previously, scaffolding ensures the safety and security of construction workers while they do their jobs. It allows these workers to very easily and efficiently move around the building, no matter how big or small it may be. All it takes is a day to put up the scaffolding and it helps to reduce the amount of time spent at any particular site. When it comes to construction, time is money and scaffolding helps to reduce time and money spent.

2. Increases Safety

As you know, when you work at height, this itself poses a risk and is dangerous. With scaffolding, this increases safety by helping workers to easily move at varying heights in a much safer fashion. Scaffolding is quite important especially when it is combined with fencing as well as barrier netting which increases safety. The scaffolding, net and fence work to increase safety to the public that may be walking or driving below the scaffolding. They also help to catch and contain any debris that may fall during construction. This truly helps to create a much safer space for the public and workers. Be sure to read the blog on the 3 Golden Rules For Working At A Height so that you can understand how dangerous it is to work high above the ground.

3. Easily Accessible

Thanks to scaffolding, it makes it much easier for construction workers to reach very high or challenging areas on a building. In particular, bespoke scaffolding is custom made scaffolding that helps workers according to each job's specific needs. This ensures that no job is impossible to carry out. Keep in mind that bespoke scaffolding has been utilized in the construction of the most well known buildings around the world. Be sure to check out our article on the World's Tallest Buildings to see what is possible with scaffolding.

4. Helps Workers to Get in the Best Positions

The best thing about scaffolding is that it allows construction workers to be in the very best position to do their work. They provide stable elevation that is much better than ladders which are usually quite unstable. Unfortunately, ladders only allow workers to do their jobs while at a particular angle and they don't provide a bigger and more stable area to work. However, scaffolding allows workers to work directly in front of whatever they are working on and allows them to very easily access high ceilings and walls. It even allows many workers to work at the same time next to one another which certainly can't happen using a ladder. So, to put it succinctly, using scaffolding is not only important but an essential aspect of construction.