Which Is the Best Smart Control Heating System Available?
In today's digital world, seemingly everything is connected, and business connectivity services are readily available. It therefore makes sense that the temperature of our home can be easily controlled with the push of a button. After all, everything from getting groceries to buying airline tickets can be done conveniently from our smartphone. Here are some of the top smart heating control systems that you can get in the marketplace right now.

1. Google Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Gen)

This is easily one of the most popular smart heating thermostats you will find in the marketplace. It currently has well over 2,000 reviews online. This just shows how much fanfare it has received from homeowners everywhere. Not only does it feature one of the sleekest designs, but it offers all of the connectivity you would want in a smart thermostat including both Google Home and Amazon Alexa integration. This thermostat can be fully controlled both directly or even remotely via an app. Along with this, the 3rd generation thermostat goes as far as offering control over the hot water throughout your home. While these thermostat controls aren't offered as a standard, you can purchase TRV's separately which can be outfitted to radiators to offer temperature control in different places in your home. For those who are technically inclined, you will be able to build out a fully connected home using Google Nest integration. This entire smart system can offer you control over your home helping you control your entertainment centre, your lighting, security system, and even your Nest Protect devices all in one place. Total Cost: Around £250

2. Hive Active Heating 2

This system isn't solely a smart heating system. Much like Google Nest, this system can be successfully paired with various other smart devices scattered throughout your home. This can include but isn't limited to various WiFi cameras in your home, smart plugs, and even smart bulbs. While it is not a self-learning system, it is incredibly easy to control through a single application (Hive Hub). While the system isn't easy to control manually, it can be controlled through the specified app or its website. This is a good system that offers a range of connectivity options. It also happens to come with a must-have feature in Geofencing. This is a feature that will automatically dial down the heating when you leave your home. It will also cause the boiler to start once you return home. While this system doesn't have TRV's that come with it, you can purchase them separately. Therefore, you will be able to transform the system into one that is capable of offering multi-zone support. Keep in mind, this system is owned and offered by British Gas. However, it can be used and integrated with any supplier. Total Cost: Around £250

3. Tado Smart Thermostat V3

While this is a much newer offering in the marketplace, it does offer a lot of features that are deemed must-have features. Not only does it include its very own energy-saving calculator, but it offers remote adjustability options, and it even has open window detection and Geofencing options. Also, it comes with smart radiator thermostats that you will be able to hook up to different rooms throughout your home. This will enable you to save as much heat as possible by only circulating heat to the rooms you need it in. What this smart thermostat offers that no other option can come close to would be its precision. By using the location factors included with it like GPS, it will be able to follow you around your home. This can keep you comfortable and saving money all of the time. To get access to this feature, you would need to pay for the subscription to it. However, it could be more than worth it for the ongoing savings it can unlock. Total Cost: Around £200

4. Google Nest Thermostat E

While the Nest Thermostat E isn't as stylish as the Nest Learning alternative, it is much easier to install. After all, you don't have to connect it to the boiler. To install, you simply replace your existing thermostat. This smart thermostat does a great job in a pinch. It can adjust your home temperature, but it isn't going to provide you with the advanced functionality as some of the other options will. Also, it is not necessarily priced as low as it should be in the UK. Unfortunately, it is priced relatively close to some of the other competing options that offer far more functionality. That being said, it is easy and convenient to install and it does come with good connectivity, making it worth considering. Total Cost: Around £200