Why Pet Sitters are Better than Boarding Services
It is hard for everyone to leave their cat or dog behind when travelling for holiday and looking into their eyes as they go into a kennel is an instant heart breaker. But you can avoid the remorse by leaving them with a pet sitter. In this read, we are going to look at why choosing pet sitters is way better than kennels.

Boarding Can be Traumatic for Some Pets

Rescue pets are particularly susceptible to separation anxiety as being put in a kennel brings back the shelter abandonment memories. So, if you cannot take your pet on that leisure or business trip, consider entrusting us with his or her care. Even non-rescue pets are not fans of boarding. After all, you would also be stressed if you were trapped in a stall with many other dogs that are constantly barking. Kennels and boarding facilities tend to guarantee playtime, but they do not provide one-on-one attention to your pet as you would like. Pet sitters, on the other hand, provide in-home care, with less exposure to stress. Pets being part of the family, it is also worth noting when a service such as pet cremation is offered to you to give you support and guidance at a difficult time.

We're Local & Trustworthy

The first thing that comes to your mind when hiring a service provider is, ''exactly who are these people?'' and ''Can they be trusted to look after my pet when I am away?" Well, the primary reason we started this business here is because we could not find anyone who we could truly trust to look after our pets while we went on vacation. We understand how difficult it is to feel comfortable enough with another person to leave your pets with them, especially if you don't really know them. We are a family-owned business and our employees do not smoke or drink and have never missed a visit for pet sitting or dog walking. As such, you can rest assured that your dog or cat will be well looked after.

Using a Friend Does not Ascertain Ideal Care

If you leave your friend with the responsibility of taking care of your pet, will they take the time to find him or her if they're hiding? How willing are they to actively engage with your dog? Are they experienced, or will they just put some food into the pet's bowl and call it a day? With a professional pet sitter, you get to be part of a discussion that establishes what you expect from the service. This includes how often they should visit your house, how long they should stick around as well as what they should do. In addition to feeding and cleaning the litter box, our pet sitters will ensure they check for any stress, injuries, and behaviour red flags.

Environment Changes Can be Tough for Pets

Boarding services provide everything your pet needs, from walks and playtime to meals and bathroom breaks. However, they tend to do this on their schedule. From any pet owner's experience, we know that some dogs are particularly schedule-happy and like a daily routine's consistency. Changing this in an instant can leave some pets with stress and anxiety.

Peace of Mind when Travelling

When you are on vacation, worrying about your pet is the last thing you want. Seeking professional help relieves your friends and relatives of responsibility. Even though your co-worker promised to take your dog for a walk every day after work, they can forget, and you can't blame them as they have other lives to lead. As for pet sitters, this is their line of work, and are therefore more likely to be punctual and reliable.