Computer Rental

Why short-term desktop computer rental suits employers and business owners.

When we talk about computer rental, we mean hiring of desktop and laptop computers. These can be from well-known manufacturers like Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo and Apple. Because rental computers are moved around more than purchased outright ones, it is important to source a trusted brand, like one of those mentioned above.

Choosing the right specification desktop or laptop computer

It can be confusing for people who are not familiar with computing terminology to know the right machine for them. Computer rental firm Tek Hire typically stock three different specifications of computer:
  • High specification, known as an i7 machine
  • Mid-range specification, known as an i5 machine
  • Entry level specification, known as an i3 machine
Paul Spittle, who runs Tek Hire says. “There is no reason why customers should know the technical differences between computers. That’s why we have a team of knowledgeable people who will recommend a machine based on what the person is using it for. Creative/design/marketing type people might need a higher specification computer compared to a bookkeeper for example. How many packages are being used concurrently is also an influencing factor”.

A rise in the popularity of rental computers

The price of renting a computer can be as cost- effective as purchasing one, especially when flexibility is important. With such turbulence and uncertainty in the economy, the last thing any business owner wants is cash tied-up in under-utilised assets like IT equipment.

Is security a concern when renting computers?

If you are using a reputable supplier then they will ‘wipe’ the machine once it is returned, and install new software including antivirus software so when you receive it, the computer will be like new, out of the box. The quality and robustness of the packaging the computer arrives in can be a good indicator of the quality of supplier you have chosen.

With computer rental, above all you're paying for flexibility

You will never own the computer or laptop (unless you come to a separate agreement with the supplier). So, don’t feel under any pressure to rent under any terms that are not exactly what you want! That might be one laptop for one day or 100 laptops for a year. Expect to be provided with a quotation, without obligation, and if your experience is not great, computer rental is a competitive market, so shop round and find an alternative supplier. Nick Shrimpton is a freelance writer and director of Sixth Sense Marketing